Our "old place"

We left our most enjoyable place in Las Ramblas after around 3 years. We have now decided to relocate to another area of Las Ramblas, because we do very much enjoy the overall area, with everything this has to offer.

Our old place was vey satisfactory in a lot of ways, and very unsatisfacory in others. One thing (just to mention one) was that we did not enjoy the loud music from La Fuente bar The stray sod. They have live music every day during the season, and although they are obliged to close doors and windows and keep the noise down, they don't do that, and the noise travels well from their place to ours, despite the relatively long distance.

Other things in the community was far worse, but we shall be polite at not mention them here.

Here is our previous place:

The above is our previous Spanish place in the sun. A 50 minute drive south of Alicante in the Costa Blanca region. The main attraction is pleasant temperatures - even during the winter months - sandy beaches, restaurants, bars and shopping close by and a varity of golf courses. Our new place is only about 500 yards down the road from our previous place, but we can now long-spit to the Las Ramblas Golf Club house

We sold our "old place" in Las ramblas in 2019. We loved our old place, but there came a point where "outside factors" made it impossible to stay on an enjoy our retirement there.

Then Covid-19 set in in late 2019, and we kind of got stuck with our travel plans for almost 3 years.

In the middle of this, one of us suddently experienced healt issues (non Covid related) and that preveted us from doing what we enjoy the most - travelling.

For the time being we are now back to exploring, and we are looking forward to spend time in our new accusition i Urbanizacion Las Ramblas Golf.

This is a artist rendering of our South facing elevation at our old place. Our flat wason the top floor and the floor below that - right in the middle where 2 chimney stacks looks like they are joint up.

Our grand view from our sun terasse towards the North at our old place. The Golf Course you can see is Campoamor which is not in the community that we belong to.