About us

Our USA adventure

Back in 1990 we took time off between jobs and toured the US for 6 month. We bought a full size Ford Bronco and a 21 foot travel trailer and took off from Florida. 6 month later we had gone all around the perimeter of USA, dropping into Mexica and up to Canada - a total of 32.000KM. We decided then that some day we would come back and continue our exploration, but take more time.

We did this, and it has taken 6 wintermonth every year since 2007 until early 2016. We bought a Monaco Diplomat motorhome and a Saturn Vue tow car, and we had had a fantastic time going round almost everywhere.

It's not that we don't like RVing any more. We just think that life is short and there is a big world out there just waiting to be explored. We like seeing the sun in the winter and we enjoy the warmer climate that the Mediteranian countries has to offer, so we though that Spain would be a good choice. Time will tell. For now we are excited about the prospect of spending some time here.

Hola - ¿cómo estás.

You have just widnessed the entire contents of our Spanish vocabulary. We will have to learn as we go along, but fortunately most Spaniards will speak English to some degree.

Apart from that - we are 2 retired individuals who some years ago decided that it was time to retire and enjoy life.

We are in the process of closing the final chapter of of a "USA adventure" that has lasted since 2007, and we then decided that Spain should be our next stop.

Some good friends had recently bought a place in Urbanizacion Las Ramblas and in early summer of 2015 they kindly let us use their place for some time, so we could use this as a base to go "house hunting".

We explored the Spanish south coast for a week but found this area to be too busy for what we wanted, and we ended up buying a place within the same area as our friends.

Before retirement

Prior to our retirement we both worked in the building construction industry.

We both got an education which best can be described as ½ architect and ½ structural engineer.

This education enabled us to work in several places in Europe, and we have been carrying out jobs in England, Scotland, Luxemburgh, Germany and obviously Denmark. This would be the construction of hotels, office buildings and residential developments.

It tooks us to London England where we lived for 11 years, and we made life long friends here through our jobs and through our Scuba Diving which consumed a fair amount of our spare time.

Slide show from our RV in the US. It was sold in the spring of 2016..

This was luxory on wheels, and we miss it a lot. On top of this, we also miss all our US RV friends, with whom we had a fabolous time for almost 10 years.


We are destinctly terrible at answering our mobile phones. In general we don't carry them with us, so if you need to get in touch, your best bet is to send us an e-mail. We do check our inbox pretty much every day.