We are back in Las Ramblas after a 3 year cooling off period.

We left our most enjoyable place in Las Ramblas after around 3 years. We have now decided to relocate to another area of Las Ramblas, because we do very much enjoy the overall area, with everything this has to offer.

Our new place was build approx. 2011, and the style is therefor different to older developments. Advantage is that in 2011 they started putting insulation in floors, walls and roofs, so this place is more pleasant temperature wise, than our old place.

The architecture is more modern. Now almost every new development is square, white and with pleanty of glass, that provides a more bright and light interior feeling, which we do like. We call this type of style "sugar cubes" because from a distance, houses looks like sugar cubes stacked on top of each other.

We are fortunate that our new place is within a gated community, and our development roadwise is in a "dead end". Therefor we have no through traffic or casual visitors.

Here is our new place:

This place is not for rent.

Urbanizacion Las Ramblas golf

Area history – how it all began

Property sales started in Las Ramblas in the year 1997. Then the well known local building company “Urbanizadora Villamartin” began to promote the first apartment block. Now this block, called Lirios 1 is located oppostite the Las Ramblas Golf Club House. However, at the time of its construction the clubhouse was still not even planed. Instead there was only a quite humble Restaurant and a small sales office next to it. I actually worked as a sales manager out of this office in 1998/1998. This was just before we found the estate agency Magellan and this is one of the reasons for our profound knowledge of the resort and its property sales.

When Lirios block 1 was built, prices were still very low. The Costa Blanca property market just began to recover from a crisis in the early 90ties.  The Price for a two bed Apartment was under 9.000.000 Pesetas, an equivalent of 54.000 €.

Shortly afterwards the Promotors decided to proceed with a new Building area. In Residencial Altamira also Villas and a first Phase of townhouses were launched. The popular Villa model “Villa Carmen” (on a 300m2 plot) was available for 18.500.000 Pesetas (approx 112.000 €) those days. Soon Prices started to rise and so did the volume of building works. Purchasers came predominantly from Germany and Britain. Also a view Austrian, Dutch and Belgium Clients were amongst these Las Ramblas pioneers.

During the same time the Promotors decided to launch a group of apartments called “Los Claveles”. Whereas so far all promotions were kept in the traditional mediterrenean style, with Los Claveles an alternative was offered. First time a new architect was contracted (Luis Clavel – hence the name) and a modern style was introduced. Especially the bright orange shutters of phase one were quite remarkable in those days. Funny enough the color was not chosen intentionally, but due to a mistake with the color chart (They have used the number under the color instead of the one above). Due to their large terraces and good views these apartmenzs are still very popular.

During 1998 numbers of Sales started to explode. This lead to further price increases and severe delays of building works. I remember a lot of very unhappy purchasers, due to these problems. Finally everything got finished and most customers were very pleased with their properties.

We are here in Magellan Propeties – Las Ramblas Property Sales are still in contact with quite a few of these first purchasers. Some of them bought a second property or upgraded to a bigger one, as they decided to spend more time in Las Ramblas. Others used our services to sell and move back home mostly for personal reasons.

When Altamira was almost sold out in record time in 1999, the promotors decided to start with a large new building area called “Nuevas Villas”. It was during the last months before I left the company, when I saw the plans of the first villas in our sales office. As we still had no name for this phase I just wrote “Nuevas Villlas” on the plans on the wall. Funny enough, although it was never meant this way, the name stayed untill today.

With the beginning of the new millenium the property boom really took off. British purchasers started to dominate the market and little by little pushed the prices higher and higher. Their advantage was the high pound rate which was around 1,5 to the Euro. Soon purchasers from the euro zone bought less and less. As in Britain the hype for Spanish properties grew bigger and bigger, sales number were still increasing and new estate agencies were growing like mushrooms.

Nuevas Villas was growing in record time and the promotors decided to contract large building companies like Ferrovial to keep up with the rythm of sales. Around 2001 property sales also sterted in the residential area La Feria (in today´s Calle Anfora). Like in Nuevas Villas the property offer stretched from Apartments and townhouses to detached Villas in first line golf.

The property market still knew just one direction and also Magellan,sl was growing.

The Community “El Lago” was the next to follow in 2003. At the same time the Promotors decided to expand their offer by introducing 4 large luxury villas called Tudemir, located to the right of El Lago. Already in Nuevas Villas this market was tested with the so far largest Villa Modell called Oriol. 3 villas of this type were built and sold in Nuevas Villas.

The Tudemir project however did not develop as expected. The experience of the Oriols showed, that there was no demand for really large Villas (or at least not for those ones). As a consequence the villa project was dropped. The outside shape stayed almost the same, but each villa was split into 6 apartments. As the original project was the one used for the buolding license. Purchasers had to wait for a while to get all their paperwork sorted.

Prices were still on the raise, but would soon hit the ceiling. In 2005 some Villas in La Feria were sold for around 800.000 €. In Almonte, the  typical 3 bed townhouse “Bungalow Buhardilla” was offered at 365.00 €. Almonte was actually the last release befoe the crisis. In fact a lot of properties in this residential area were sold “key in hand” for far lower prices after the crisis.

As we all know in 2007 the international economical crisis, had massive impact on the spanish property market. Sales literally stopped and prices began to drop and drop and drop….   It was not only the lack of demand. Another reason was the the dramatic drop of the British Pound, which allowed English owners to sell for a very loe “euro price”. They still ended up with an reaonable amount of Pounds.

For Magellan Properties this was also a hard time. We decided to close our seconf office on the Costa de Almeria and to really concentrate on Las Ramblas and surrounding urbanizations. On the other hand this situation  also cleaned put the market. In fact after a view years we were the only agency left in our closer area.

As fast as clients and agents adapted to the boom prices they also got used very quickly  to the new scenario with cuts of more than 50%. .Suddenly nobody could believe, that not long ago those high prices could have been achieved.

It took a whiel untill prices actually reached the bottom. I would say, that this happened aropund 2010/2011.

Afterwards they slowly started to work their way up again.   Little by little new promotions appeared again. First only very few but soon more and more. This new beginning also introduced a complete change of building style. Whereas before the Mediterrenean style was absolutely dominant, now the modern clean design conquered the market.

In Las Ramblas Patrimi began to offer a small Promotion of apartments called Danubio.  This was built on a newly released plot in a privileged position on the highest point of Las Ramblas. It was the start of the new residential area called “El Farallon” with properties in modern design only. The Danubios are a modernized version of the before mentioned Tudemir apartments and are located to the left of the entrance of El Farallon. The next step was another promotion of Apartments called Sena and  a mixture of apartments and townhouses in the center part called Los Lagos. As sales increased again Sena II soon followed together with the first block of the so called Loira promotion just opposite the Danubios.

Loira Block two and three finally completed the residrential promotions in El Farrallon, with building works finishing in 2018.

There are still some view residential plots left in Las Ramblas, but since 2018 we have not seen any further promotions being released in Las Ramblas.

We are hearing, that Trivee plans to start to build on a small hill at the very and of Altamira in the near future. However no derails have benn released yet.


Golf courses everywhere

We are very close to 6 different golf courses

At this time we are unable to comment on anything relating to the golf courses in the area. We have stayed only once in our new place, and we have been too busy  trying to familiarize ourselves with our  accommodation.

From our place we  can see directly onto Real Club de Golf Campoamor Resort. In connection with the golf course is a large hotel, and there are also quality football grounds etc in connection with the golf club facilities. We know for a fact that this is a favorite spot for National football teams and top European football clubs to visit and set up training camps.

Urbanizacion Las Ramblas has a golf course of its own.

Golf Las Ramblas de Campoamor is the club that belongs to "our" area. Lots og fairways are narrow and withlots of trees lining the fairways.

It has a club house with a restaurant and a bar, and we understand that the club house facilities are frequently used for private parties and functions.

There is a driving range and a putting green immediately adjacent to the club house.

Los Ramblas Golf Course has unfortunatly upped their prices in 2023. It has become very expensive, which we do find unnessary, but look around for cheaper options on line.

Golf Las Ramblas de Campoamor

Here is a list of the golf courses closest to where we are:

Las Ramblas (expensive)

Real Club de Golf de Compoamor (cheaper than Las Ramblas)

Villamartin (cheaper than Las Ramblas)

Los Colinas ( very expensive - speak to your bankmanager before playing and having a 19th hole drink)

La Finga (cheaper than Las Ramblas)

Lo Romero (cheaper than Las Ramblas)

Here we are and why

Our USA adventure

Back in 1990 we took time off between jobs and toured the US for 6 month. We bought a full size Ford Bronco and a 21 foot travel trailer and took off from Florida. 6 month later we had gone all around the perimeter of USA, dropping into Mexica and up to Canada - a total of 32.000KM. We decided then that some day we would come back and continue our exploration, but take more time.

We did this, and it has taken 6 wintermonth every year since 2007 until early 2016. We bought a Monaco Diplomat motorhome and a Saturn Vue tow car, and we had had a fantastic time going round almost everywhere.

It's not that we don't like RVing any more. We just think that life is short and there is a big world out there just waiting to be explored. We like seeing the sun in the winter and we enjoy the warmer climate that the Mediteranian countries has to offer, so we though that Spain would be a good choice. Time will tell. For now we are excited about the prospect of spending some time here.

Our "old place".

Hola - ¿cómo estás.

You have just widnessed the entire contents of our Spanish vocabulary. We will have to learn as we go along, but fortunately most Spaniards will speak English to some degree.

Apart from that - we are 2 retired individuals who some years ago decided that it was time to retire and enjoy life.

We are in the process of closing the final chapter of of a "USA adventure" that has lasted since 2007, and we then decided that Spain should be our next stop.

Some good friends had recently bought a place in Urbanizacion Las Ramblas and in early summer of 2015 they kindly let us use their place for some time, so we could use this as a base to go "house hunting".

We explored the Spanish south coast for a week but found this area to be too busy for what we wanted, and we ended up buying a place within the same area as our friends.

Before retirement

Prior to our retirement we both worked in the building construction industry.

We both got an education which best can be described as ½ architect and ½ structural engineer.

This education enabled us to work in several places in Europe, and we have been carrying out jobs in England, Scotland, Luxemburgh, Germany and obviously Denmark. This would be the construction of hotels, office buildings and residential developments.

It tooks us to London England where we lived for 11 years, and we made life long friends here through our jobs and through our Scuba Diving which consumed a fair amount of our spare time.

We left our most enjoyable place in Las Ramblas after around 3 years. We have now decided to relocate to another area of Las Ramblas, because we do very much enjoy the overall area, with everything this has to offer.

Our old place was vey satisfactory in a lot of ways, and very unsatisfacory in others. One thing (just to mention one) was that we did not enjoy the loud music from La Fuente bar The stray sod. They have live music every day during the season, and although they are obliged to close doors and windows and keep the noise down, they don't do that, and the noise travels well from their place to ours, despite the relatively long distance.

Other things in the community was far worse, but we shall be polite at not mention them here.

Here is our previous place:

The above is our previous Spanish place in the sun. A 50 minute drive south of Alicante in the Costa Blanca region. The main attraction is pleasant temperatures - even during the winter months - sandy beaches, restaurants, bars and shopping close by and a varity of golf courses. Our new place is only about 500 yards down the road from our previous place, but we can now long-spit to the Las Ramblas Golf Club house

We sold our "old place" in Las ramblas in 2019. We loved our old place, but there came a point where "outside factors" made it impossible to stay on an enjoy our retirement there.

Then Covid-19 set in in late 2019, and we kind of got stuck with our travel plans for almost 3 years.

In the middle of this, one of us suddently experienced healt issues (non Covid related) and that preveted us from doing what we enjoy the most - travelling.

For the time being we are now back to exploring, and we are looking forward to spend time in our new accusition i Urbanizacion Las Ramblas Golf.

This is a artist rendering of our South facing elevation at our old place. Our flat wason the top floor and the floor below that - right in the middle where 2 chimney stacks looks like they are joint up.

Our grand view from our sun terasse towards the North at our old place. The Golf Course you can see is Campoamor which is not in the community that we belong to.