Las Ramblas

This is our Spanish place in the sun. A 50 minute drive south of Alicante in the Costa Blanca region. The main attraction is pleasant temperatures - even during the winter months - sandy beaches, restaurants, bars and shopping close by and a varity of golf courses.

This is a map of our "Urbanizacion" Las Ramblas Golf. One way in and one way out.

....and now the weather.

Our place belongs to what is know as Orihuela Costa. This is a region rather that a town/city. Our nearest town is Villamartin and for that reason the displays listed below is from Villamartin. We are sure that the weather at our place will not differ to much as Villamartin is only a stone throw away (in estate agent terms :-)

From what we have seen so far, the months of Juli and August is hot - really hot. Mid september was "bearable" but you still need to get out of the mid-day sun. This is obviously a "luxury problem" for us Scandinavians, but it is something that you have to be aware of.

We do like the sun and the warm weather, but we don't think that Juli and August will turn out to be our favorite months in Spain. These are the nicest months in Denmark so we might just stay here during the hottest season.

I hate that satellite dish. That will have to go. Honey - get me a screw driver and a stick of dynamite.

Here is our Jacuzzi. This is in a good working order and is used almost every day except for the hot summer period where we use the communal pool. The pool is not heated so for us the season is limited to "summer swimming".

Be warned though.

It's not alway a case of sunglases, shorts and pinacoladas. These photos are from the 17th of January 2017